I love you all!!

Dani Newman

Hi ,my name is Dani I am a 7th grader in JFK middle school on Long Island. I saw the group preform at my school and thought it was amazing. I am also a singer no where near as good as anyone in your group obviously. My school has a Select Chorus named Eagles Voice and Iauditions and got into that I also did the school play last year and was in the company, along with chorus I sing alot in the car and at home. 90% of my live is music. Anyways just wanted to say I think you guys are great and im sure you have heard that before but why not hear it again. Thanks. Hope you recieve my email.

Ashley kroebcke

You guys and girls were amazing when you came to bay shore middle school and I hope you all can perform for us next year.i loved the mashup you did

Gwen Hlywa

I saw you guys perform recently and your intensity worries me. Last year you guys had Sweet Nothing in your rep and that brought out a lot of emotions in me. I would love for you to do that again sometime. Also, Colin is hot.

Shelby Gillespie

I'm really interested in auditioning for your group! your sound is beautiful. I have one question, when we audition do we have to have an accompaniment playing behind us because it's only 30 seconds. just curious.


I love you guys :) you came to my school a couple months ago. In wellsville ny .im in W.A.V.E

JoAnn Brown

Thanks again for a GREAT day!! Everyone is still singing the song(s) you taught them - can you please remind Hallie to email me the arrangements that would be GREAT too!! Good Luck at your competitions!!

Zoey McMichael

You guys sounded amazing!! I loved the beat-boxing and hallie is really pretty :D


I love all you songs !!!!!!!!!!!!

Aquene Thompson

OMG i loved you guys you guys were so amazing i saw you's at my school. i wish you could come again. And i love how much you guys really got into your music. <3 Hope to see you again. :)

amanda dailey

You guys were great when you sang for my school, akron high. I was blown away by how much effort and energy that all of you guys put into every song. I love the music and hopefully you guys come back again soon!

Emily Bracy

I am one of the students at Madrid Waddington where you performed the other day. I just wanted to say that you guys were amazing!!! You inspired my friends and I to form our own A Cappella group! We hope to be as good as you!

tyler beauchemin

hi i saw a video of you guys on youtube you are an amazing group and i am going to come to potsdam in the fall of 2014 and is there an audition process to join

Momma Wibben

Hello my sweet, dear Potsdam Pitches, how are you all doing? I just saw the pictures on your amazing website! Loved every picture, and to my surprise, I saw you all with "Momma Wibben" on our porch when you came to visit us!
AWESOME!!!! You put a smile on my face and a song in my heart! Love you all, miss you all, and hope and pray you are all doing so very well! Come back and visit us again soon! Love , Momma Wibben xoxoxoxo


When you guys came to my school you guys did great!

Danielle Caguiat

hey my name is Danielle and my chorus teacher is Mr.Stockslager and just would like to say you guys were amazing.


I heard you guys today at DHS and fell in love. If I had cash, I would have bought a shirt and CD. All of you have such clear, beautiful and flawless voices that sent chills down my spine. Is there an internet way of purchasing gear?

brigid nugent

you guys were amanzing I love every moment of the songs
I hope you guys come back next year.

Jonathan Wibben

I love the Potsdam Pitches more than I can ever say. BUT, I demand a better picture on here! Haha good luck this year guys, can't wait to see all the new guys and girls you pick!

Jordan Bell

You guys are awesome. Love and miss you all. Keep singing--can't wait for the CD!

danielle wilson

omg i remember when u guys come to my school (norwood-norfolk) nncs.....oh and we r doing one of the songs u sang....jump in the line....

Dad Wibben

I could listen to you guys all day! I am so proud of all of you. As far as i am concerned, the Pitches are the next American Idol!!! Way to go.

Mamma Wibben

My Dear Potsdam Pitches, I want to thank you all so very much for blessing me with the wonderful, generous gift to the Tapestry Salon and Spa. This was so thoughtful of you!
Mr. Wibben and I also appreciate the beautiful framed picture of you all! We love you, are blessed by your musical talents, and are so thankful that our son, Jon, has you as his friends. We can't wait to see you all at graduation! I wish you were singing that day!! :)
Love, Mamma Wibben xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Alexis Bo

Hey guys! My names Alexis, Mr. Stockslager is my teacher, just wanted to say you guys are AMAZING. I wanted to ask who sings "I Put My Arms Around You" if thats even the right name of the song. She has such a beautiful voice. You guys should totally come back to Dover when you get the chance, haha. -Alexis.

peace girl

U guys came to my school i loved it like omg and i preformed withu like omg i loved it

Bryan Elsesser (Co-Founder)

The Potsdam Pitches are QUATERFINAL ICCA CHAMPS!!! You are all living my dream right now, and have no idea how incredibly happy I am for you all. I really feel amazing to be able to have been a part of your huge success. I love you all so much.


you did a great job at toniata yoday it was amasing

Jordan Bell

This site is very RED. and BLACK. Good influences there. :-)

Miss y'all.

Mr. Mackey

I was playing Sarah's recital today and had to go visit your site again,to enjoy more incredible singing. It was such a pleasure to be able to host "all" of you at our house.I pray that "The Potsdam Pitches" will be part of campus life for many years to come.Ttyl

Rob & Kate Higgins

We love the Pitches!! Can't wait until this week-end to hear you sing again!

Dave Wibben

You guys rock the house! Just visited your web site ....very professional. Love the sounds,colors,everything. Keep up the GREAT work.I'm sure all your parents are very proud of you... I know I am. Way to go,Jon! Love,Dad


hi guys u came to my school! i thought that u guys were amazing i loved ur music especially smooth criminal that is my favorite song by michael jackson lol. I thought that u all did a great job and sarah u have a really good voice haha my friend Kaitlyn and i were talking to eachother and we said tht u were better than taylor swift!

Natalia Fiorini

You guys are awesome! You came to ECS and BLEW ME AWAY!!!! I love the whole thing about you guys! IM SO JELOUS OF YOUR TALENT :]

Jordyn Weller

hey guys! it's jordyn! i was one of the girls you met at wayne today! :) you guys did awesome! and it was nice meeting you guys. ally and i will let you know about forming the group :) we talked to our principal today and he said that it would be nice if we started one. <3 jordyn (and ally)

Tanner M. Gregory

You guys were amazing. It puts a smile on my face to know you guys do that with your voices. Thank you for coming to my school and singing for us, you guys were really inspiring i hope one day i can sng with a group as good as you guys, and good job Lauren!

lindsey roblee

you guys were awsome i wish i could sing like that but im still going for it you guys just mad me think that i was good enough if i practice

lacy wilder

yuo guys are awesome im the girl that sang for you in ellicottville. you guys are mine insperation . you guys are the best thanks for making my day lolz


you guys did great today at marion and i just want to thank you for a great performance and the chance to sing with you all :)

Jon E

Wow, I am really looking forward to hearing The Pitches in person. You guys really sound great on here! Very well done website!

Alex Perry is the man!

Mama Beck

I'm a real fan! Can I be one of your groupies?